A Week for Children…Wednesday (Another Prayer)

Okay…after yesterday’s LENGTHY and hopefully thought and action provoking post, I thought I would tame it down it a little bit again.

I first heard this prayer, written by Ina Hughes, shortly after one of the many school shootings that have plagued our country.  I have used it as a personal prayer, a blessing prayer for children in congregations and as a worship prayer.

This video does a pretty good job of capturing the spirit of the prayer, although with this particular prayer, I am happy with just the text.


A Week for Children…Monday

This week, as our congregation prepares for our Children’s Sabbath worship service, I want my thoughts and prayers to be with children everywhere.  I hope that I can share with you some ways that you can do the same.

I have long been haunted by the words and melody that make up this song and have only attempted to sing it with a group one time.  It was quite difficult, possibly because it is just so emotionally draining to sing.  However, I love the message of this song and this video artist does a wonderful job capturing the nightmarish images that flash through my mind when I hear it.

“Can you hear the prayer of the children in your own heart…a prayer for love and forgiveness.”

As long as children like these find themselves living in a world filled with Christians, I will always be not quite home…

Children’s Week…A Beginning Point

Next Sunday at First UMC, Princeton, we will be celebrating Children’s Sabbath. This week is a special time for us to focus on children, near and far. Throughout the week, I will be sharing some prayers, thoughts, and even some words on some fairly controversial issues dealing with children.

However, today, I decided to start this journey near home with something a little more on the “lite” side of things.

Our Children’s Moments at FUMC are improvisational messages that I base on some object that one of the children bring in a brown bag. (Yes, we do have some rules – nothing can be placed in the bag that is alive or was recently alive and nothing can be placed in the bag that might embarrass someone. Also, I encourage the children NOT to bring anything overtly religious. It should be an everyday item for them.)

To say the least…this is a lot of fun…sometimes more for the children and adults than it is for me.  But rule one of improv, I believe, is to accept whatever you have been given.  The rest comes from there and prayer.

Enjoy this time we had with our children…feel free to share and comment!

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