Freeform Friday

Appalachian Preacher has been doing some great entries with her “‘Throwback Thursdays” and I think I might do that type of entry in the days ahead but this was inspired by listening to “Pray-As-You-Go” today. I highly recommend them for their devotional material and meditation exercises.

Friday, February 28

Bittersweet aroma
Soothing sounds
Hum of the house

Shadows and then darkness
As eyes close.
How was I found?
How many times have I been held up by God?

words read – The Word beckons

Heart laughs and cries as
the hand that has held up also pierces
Where is hope and encouragement?

Blessed are those who endure.

It is enough,
the hands that hold
the hands hat judge
the hands that bring hope
Are One and come to me.

A quiet heart speaks to One.
Soothing sound of music
Another sip of coffee
A time of prayer ends… world without end. Amen. Amen.

Have a blessed weekend!

Mirror, Mirror

Since one the homes I spend so much time in is my congregational home, I thought it might be good to share a little bit of what I do there.  Remember…this is just a little bit of what I do.  I don’t see myself foremost as a preacher in my congregational home.  It is one thing I do ,but it also happens to be a very public thing that I do and one of those things that for which many people have opinions.

So, here is my sermon from this past Sunday.  I really do hope you don’t enjoy it as much as you find it making you a bit uncomfortable.  I was uncomfortable as well.

Comments are welcome!