Via Media


There exists among the clouds
A blue so deep
That it beckons to the ones
Scanning heaven for peace.

One side – then the other
Succumb to precipitous billows.
While the path of the deepest
Paints a song of pure light
From the sky, to the earth,
Through the eye, piercing soul,
The blessed
The Via Media.

India – A Love Once Removed

Allie in India 1My youngest daughter just returned from a Mission of Peace trip in India. It has been suggested that the participants of this trip not give any public presentations about the journey for at least one month in order to allow them the time to internalize everything that they experienced. I think that is a great idea.

However, I didn’t go to India. I allowed my daughter to answer a call she felt in her life to go and experience the world in a way that is different than what she normally experiences here in Southern West Virginia. Continue reading “India – A Love Once Removed”