9/11 and Home

As I read a devotion written by a colleague I was reminded of what a huge difference the events of 9/11 made on my home.

Unlike many people, I was not glued to the news on that day.   In fact, Pam and I did not learn about the tragedy until several hours later. At the urging of our Bishop’s spouse, Jane Ives, Pam and I were receiving Marriage Enrichment training at Spring Heights. We did not hear the news for a couple of hours when it was reported to us by the staff. We were no where near any televisions to see what was happening.

The leader of our training asked us to make the decision about whether we should stay there for our training or return home to our families and churches. Pam and I talked and prayed about it and realized that our children were in the very best care – our parents were watching them and our family from Peterstown UMC were checking on them. They were safe in a home we couldn’t build on our own.

However, we were doing important work ourselves on the home we were making for those two girls, my older daughter and our witness to the church.

Our church had a prayer service without a pastor present. I understand it was very moving.

Our children got to see the loving, caring side of the church and the commitment of grandparents that had reared their parents.

Pam and I continued to work on the one strong gift of peace we could give – the witness of a stronger marriage. We have never regretted that decision.

Although the world changed in many ways on that day… It got stronger for me. The bonds of my many homes were very real and very present!

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