Home Away from Homes…

I am an avid reader.  If you have any doubts, check out my book list on Goodreads.  (One of these days I am actually going to scan in all the books in my library, go through my Kindle and list every book but the list their now shows that I just love to read.

My Newest Book
just waiting to be read!!

Today I got a new book.  Haven’t even had time to “break it in yet” but did take the time to make sure it is going on my “First Edition” shelf, probably right beside Stephen King’s “The Stand.”

I think that one of the main reasons that I like to read is that a good book will carry me someplace other than the place that I am in right at the moment.  Rowling’s books on Harry Potter did just that.  King’s “The Stand” is one that I re-read quite often because it can take my imagination places I can never get to on my own.

For me, reading is part of the creative process.  It helps me be creative in ministry but more importantly, it helps me be creative in life.

Sometime over the weekend…I don’t know when exactly…but sometime, this little gem will get in my hands and begin to carry me somewhere else.

But I know…it won’t be far from home.

PS – One of the readers of this blog sent me this picture.  LOVE it!!

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