Election Day Prayer

Rev. Cindy Briggs-Biondi, a colleague in the West Virginia Annual Conference shared this prayer earlier today.  I thought it was fitting for the day and it also carried me back to those days when I sat in Dr. Hauerwas’ classes at Duke.  Those were challenging times to say the least, but I learned a lot…mainly, though, I learned that I don’t have all the answers.

Enjoy the prayer…or not.  It should make you think.

“Sovereign Lord, foolish we are, believing that we can rule ourselves by selecting this or that person to rule over us. We are at it again. Help us not to think it is more significant than it is, but also give us and those we elect enough wisdom to acknowledge our follies. Help us laugh at ourselves, for without humor our politics cannot be humane. We desire to dominate and thus are dominated. Free us, dear Lord, for otherwise we perish. Amen.” -Stanley Hauerwas

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