I hear the news…I know God Speaks…But we must pray…

I have shared this before on my blog, but given the tragedy in Connecticut this morning, I must share it again.

Remember…pray for the children!

3 thoughts on “I hear the news…I know God Speaks…But we must pray…

  1. Okay, I can’t keep silent any more. It’s time to take care of our kids. All semi-automatic weapons need severe restrictions or an outright ban. Sales of all guns should have a serious and lengthy background search, organized on a Federal level. No trade show specials. No internet ammo. No same day sales. I don’t care who you are, these are reasonable restrictions. Responsible owners can certainly wait to get their hunting gear, so the crazies can be weeded out. I’ll be contacting our congressman today…so sad common sense like this must be fought for. We are more concerned that a hunter can instantly get gear to shoot a deer, than for the safety of our kids…I have to think most of my hunting friends/students would be willing to wait a few days if they knew a shooter would not be entering their kid’s school?


  2. I have struggled this afternoon to offer my own prayer as well…

    Jesus, we stand in a season of hopeful waiting and we see once more the darkness that surrounds us. shots ring out where laughter and learning should be taking place. Children and their teachers are dead and wounded. All are changed. Nothing is the same.

    Forgive us Lord for failing to realize that your children die every day. Some from violence and some from the violent neglect of your people. Forgive us when we only take note, when the children are our own.

    So long, O Lord, we have prayed for peace, but what if praying visit not enough. Make me an instrument of peace, Jesus. make me an instrument of peace so that no children, no parent, no one would grieve because of violence.

    Let me pray for the children, Lord. Let me pray for me.


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