New Year…New Focus??

As 2013 gets its start, I decided not not make any resolutions, however, I am making a promise to myself to post something to this blog every day! It may be a repost…it may be original…it may be something that I write about based on the suggestions from

It doesn’t matter…I just want to post something each day.

I really started thinking about this last night as we got closer and closer to midnight.  I really had planned on making a few resolutions but nothing was lighting a fire under me.  I was home, playing cards with my family and my daughter’s boyfriend and I started thinking about how long it had been since I had posted to “Not Quite Home.”  When midnight struck and I was surrounded by the people I spend the most time learning to love and learning how to be loved, I realized that this was exactly where I wanted to be.  However, my mind went again to the idea behind “Not Quite Home” – a place where I could share my thoughts on the journey of learning to love as Jesus loved – a place where I could flesh out being a part of Jesus revolution.

Later on this first day of the new year, I spent time with another part of my family as they watched and waited for one of their loved and loving ones to make the final journey home and this solidified the idea for me.

So, now I am writing the first of these posts and now I am looking forward to a year of sharing with you!

Enjoy 2013!!
I'm part of Post A Day 2013

2 thoughts on “New Year…New Focus??

  1. Thank you for your generous spirit and reminding me so gracefully that we ARE all family. Your presence these last few days has been a true blessing.


  2. I agree and am making more of an effort to love a’s Jesus loved. Also, to brush the dust of hurt from my heart


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