3 thoughts on “Adam Hamilton

  1. A reblog worth reblogging. Is that redundant?

    This post describes an articulate method of becoming the hands and feet of Christ. Above and beyond playgrounds and supplies, providing beds and weekend food for these children is brilliant. The teachers and administrators are the eyes and ears. Perfect common sense – sorely lacking in the maelstrom brought about by such a tragedy as Sandy Hook.


    1. LOL. I guess it is redundant. Sorry about that!

      It is a wonderful picture and I for one have never felt like God has left our schools. I know to many teachers who pray each day and far to many children and youth who carry Jesus with them every moment to believe that God is absent from our schools!


  2. I have heard the argument for years that we need God put back in our schools. I agree with the article wholeheartedly, He never left. It is our job as parents, not public schools, to teach our children about all things God.
    The thought came to me as I read, “Do I know anyone at Princeton Middle School well enough to entrust them with my daughter’s spiritual life.” The answer is a resounding NO! So I will carry the burden of her knowledge of God and leave the three R’s to the pros. Keep up the good blogging my friend.


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