2 thoughts on “Boston…

  1. I am not afraid, but I am angry and in sorrow today. We should be celebrating this week. The risen Christ, spring, birthdays, students, runners who train & participate in marathons and are celebrating Patriots Day with their friends and families. Instead we have to remember those who are hurt, injured and have had their lives torn apart by events such as Virginia Tech, Columbine, and Boston. As Pastor Scott reminded us on Sunday of Jesus’ words on the cross, “Lord forgive them”, I’m not sure I have that forgiveness in me today, but I am shedding tears for the victims.


    1. Thank you for the reply. I too, struggle with forgiveness in the midst of tragedies such as this but I cling to that cross… I cling to that cross where God’s beauty and the ugliness of the world come together and give me hope. I cling to the cross.


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