Baby Birds

“I will love them freely…

    They shall blossom…

    They shall flourish…

    They shall blossom…

(Hosea 14, selected verses. Read entire chapter here.)


One left the nest a decade ago

and now cares for a nest of her own.

One is seeking the rise to wisdom and experience

and finds that the winds can carry you

down as well as up…left as well as right.

One continues the flight that only those

who wear the feathers of a teen

can truly understand.


I love them freely. I know I do.

I hope they hear my songs.

I dream their dreams.

I hope only the best.

I pray –

not for settled skies…

but for safe passage, nonetheless.

I offer…my self, my love, and shelter from the storms.


I watch my baby birds as closely as they allow.

I dream

of the songs they will sing…

        the vistas they will see…

the change they will bring through the

simple beating of their wings.


I watch and pray and be – a Dad.


God speaks to me and sighs,

“I know…I know.”


Inspired by three of the loves of my life as I listened to


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