Five Entrances to Healing

Now in Jerusalem by the Sheep Gate there is a pool, called in Hebrew Beth-zatha, which has five porticoes. In these lay many invalids—blind, lame, and paralysed.

Based on John 5:113, 5-16 (NRSVA)

The pool of healing

    is always before me

    and yet I sit in the portico



Perhaps I sit among my family – they love me,

    they cherish me just as I am
    yet I see their eyes darting from the pool to me, me to the pool.


Sometimes I rest among the portico of the very word of God.

    It brings me comfort.

    Yet, it too stirs waters

    within and without.


At time, I find my rest among covenant colleagues.

    I pray for them…they pray for me.

    We challenge and hold accountable.

    But would we carry each other to the healing water –

        stumbling, bumbling, tripping all the way?

        I like to think so…I like knowing it is so.


Other times I find myself resting in the

    busyness of The Work

    to which I am called.

    I visit…I pray…I produce…I fail to do something.

    And quietly (or not so quietly, actually) I bitch at myself

        for not doing more.

    I guess it’s easy in this crowded portico

        to direct those complaints at others I love.


And yet, there is one final entrance

    one portico to the pool of healing.

It must be the one where I find myself

    lounging in the shad the most…

    the one where I am alone…

    the one where I’ve grown comfortable…

    the one where I don’t have to change

        ’cause nothing else ever changes.

    The one where I hesitate the most – just like you.


Still. Still! Jesus comes and says,

    “Do you…Do you want to be well?”


The pool of healing

    is always before me

    and yet I sit in the portico



© 2014, Scott Sears

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