Being Present in the Moment – Seeking the Seeking

The following can be used with the video clip below as personal reflection or as a discussion starter for a small group.

When you get to the “Challenge” for the week, feel free to leave your reflections about it in the comments sections so others can see.

Questions for Reflection and Discussion

When was the last time you experienced a “God Moment” like Philip did in hearing the call to walk that deserted road? Do you think these things still happen?

Philip needed to be “in tune” with the Holy Spirit, what Pastor Scott referred to as being “present in the moment.” What helps you be in that state of mind?

Does grief over the past or anger about the present ever keep you from being in the moment? What can you do about this?

How could a new focus on being present in the moment help your marriage? How would it change your relationship with your children or other family members? How does being present in the moment help you relate differently to the people with whom you work?

Do your own ideas about what your future should be, or what the future of your group should be, or even what the future of the church should be, ever get in the way of you being “present in the moment” where God can speak to you clearly?

Challenge for the week:

Take thirty minutes out of your week this week and just go somewhere you do not normally go so and just be present in the moment. Live through the sights, sounds, smells. When you are home and have time, go back to that place in your mind and listen to what God may have said to you. How were you present in the moment of that new setting?

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