I have heard it said that life is a journey.  I’ve even heard some great teachers say that faith is a journey.  And I am one of those who believe that both are true.  However, I don’t think it is a journey for the sake of just travelling.  I have a destination in mind.


I am writing this blog because I think that is where I am headed – home.  Not just a place to hang my coat up in the evening or to find a hamper to toss my dirty socks in at the end of a day.  It’s not a place where I am universally loved.  It’s not a place where I am even always understood.  Truthfully, I have a feeling that home will be a place where at times I am barely tolerated.  It’s not a place where everything is cozy nor is it a place of such dysfunction that I am left wondering about the existence of peace.  Home is not the place where I have to be right or wrong.  Home is something more than all that.  Home is the place where I can simply be.  Home is the place where you can be.  Home is the place that we can share life and know that we have something in common.

The trick is that we have to get there.  As one who follows a revolutionary teacher who spent a good deal of his life wandering, I realize that there is only one way to recognize the way home – Grace. I hope I see it and share it as I travel.  I’m glad you’ve joined me on this journey.  Welcome, well, not quite home.


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