A Challenge from Our Bishop

God still speaks!

A prayer challenge from Bishop Sandra Steiner Ball to the
West Virginia Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church
excerpted from Bishop Steiner Ball’s sermon on 10/13/12

“West Virginia and Garrett County members of the West Virginia Conference I am challenging you to join me in intentionally building that God connection. While most of us have morning or evening daily devotions, I am inviting you into something different.

Every day at or around noon we either think about or take a lunch break.  So here is my challenge:  Join me at lunch time in conversation/prayer with God.

Ask these two questions:

Where have I seen Christ at work in the last 24 hours and in what ways can I or the church partner with or support that work?

In the last 24 hours where has God been at work and I missed it, walked right by, failed to hear God’s voice, failed to turn aside?

And end that prayer time by asking God to give you the eyes of Christ, the ears of Christ, and the courage of Christ to risk faithful acts and actions in this world.

If you have 15 minutes for lunch – whether you eat or not – try to stop and pray on these things for at least 1 to 2 minutes.  If you have 30 minutes – then try at least 2 to 3 minutes, if you have an hour, try to pray on these things for 5 to 6 minutes. Prayer is powerful and to practice this communally will put each of us and our congregation more in touch with God’s will and action, and we will be better able to hear God’s voice.”

God still speaks!

This is a challenge I intend to take up from our Bishop!  Will you join me?? 

2 thoughts on “A Challenge from Our Bishop

  1. In the last twenty four hours, I have seen God at work in the Ministerial Alliance here in Princeton. There is a genuine feeling of wanting to be “one” despite our differences. I believe that I can support that work by participating more fully and encouraging my UM sisters and brothers to do the same.

    In the last twenty four hours I have heard two people make jokes about the very real problem we have with prostitution in Princeton. My silence did nothing to help these victims of human trafficking. In fact, more and more I feel the tug of God to do something and yet I don’t.

    Lord…give me the eyes to see…the ears to hear…the feet to walk…the hands to help…the heart to love…and the wisdom to know how to hear your voice. Amen.


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